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HM-P04 wide footprints survey lamp

HM-P04 wide footprints survey lamp

$999 Collection share

LED: 18 high-power CREE LED

Size: 230mm*95mm *115mm

 Light source: homogeneous distribution of natural light, ultra strong white light weight: 1.7KG (host battery)

 Face mirror: imported glass cylindrical mirror.

 Luminous flux: 2500LM

 Color temperature: 6000K

 Power: 100W.

 Life: 5000 hours.

 Lighting time: lithium battery lasts for 60 minutes

 Output light width: the width of the output light is large and the light width at 50CM from the light source is 80CM. The diffusion angle is: level: 80, drooping: 15.

 The shape of the spot is: the spot shape of the exit is rectangular spot, the spot size is 90*10CM. at the distance from the lamp 0.5M

 The uniformity of the spot is: the light intensity of the edge spot is not small, and the center spot is 25%.

 Monochromatic function: collocation and orange filter for color separation

 Polarized light transmission function: polarizing photography.

 Package size: 260*280*130

 Outer box: aluminum alloy outer box

HM-P04 wide footprints survey lamp


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