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HM-F918 uniform Light Source for Photographic investigation

HM-F918 uniform Light Source for Photographic investigation

$999 Collection share

Light source: us CREE 15W LED

power: 15W

Color temperature: 6000K

 Luminous flux: 650 LM

 1 meter spot size: φ 500mm

 1 meter spot illumination: 4400LUX

 Spot uniformity: 85%

 Power supply mode: DC power supply

 Lithium battery capacity: 7.4V 3200mAh

 Charger input: AC100-240 V 50-60 Hz output: DC8.4V3A

 Charging time: about 210 minutes

 Working hours: about 70 minutes of strong light, 180 minutes of light and 480 minutes of low light

 Life span: 5000 hours

 Shell material: made of aluminum alloy

 Size: φ 41C 238mm

 Weight: 0.54KG (including batteries)

Scope of application

 It is widely used in trace exploration and target search, and can be directly used in photographic evidence collection lighting, to meet the needs of the first line of criminal investigation. It is an ideal portable exploration light source for criminal technicians.

 performance characteristics

 Small size, easy to carry, uniform light irradiation, uniform spot, wide light projection, no color difference, no light stripe, no need to use filter, easy to charge, can be used with no memory effect, equipped with triangular bracket. Can be fixed on the triangle stand to take pictures.

 Stable performance, continuous use for more than 8 hours, can still be used normally, core components will not be damaged.

HM-F918 uniform Light Source for Photogra...


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