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2-bay battery charger with LED

Can charge two batteries at the same time: 26650/18650/18550/18350/17670/16340/14500/10440/lithium battery AA/AAA alkaline batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries.

$20 Collection share

Charging method: Independent channels automatically recognize the type of battery and automatically adjusts the output current.


Power input: Mobile phone charger, computer USB port, mobile power supply such as car charger 5V power supply for this charger.

Charge status display:

1. LED lighting shows the status

2. Charge voltage accurate to 0.02v, ensure battery will not be overcharged

3. Lithium batteries, alkaline batteries, Ni-MH battery LED display are the same(Full charged three lights all on)

4. Without battery it shows.

5. With battery it shows.

Size of the product:122mm*70mm*30mm(L/W/H)Less than the size of a woman's palm, easy to carry. 

Packaging: Charger ,Instructions,USB power cord,Packing boxes

  • Display:Led lighting shows charging status
  • Input:DC 5.0V;2.0A
  • Output:lithium battery 4.2V 0.5A/1A Alkaline batteries NiMH batteries 1.45V 0.5A
  • Suitable battery:lithium battery/Alkaline batteries/NiMH batteries
2-bay battery charger with LED


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