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Hi-max V11 Underwater Video Light

Time: 2017-12-22 16:40:34

Author: Davide

Click: 119

I purchased the V11 from Shenzhen Hi-Max Technology Co., Ltd. to use with

my Intova HD2 Marine camera. I mount the camera on an Intova mini tray and 

arm. The arm has male YS mount. My purchase of the V11 was to enable my 

first real foray into underwater photography/videography on a trip to Raja 

Ampat. The reasons for the selection of the V11 were primarily its capability as 

a wide angle 2400 lumen flood light, it capacity to act as a spotlight, price and 

delivery time. The key specifications of the V11 are:

● 4x XML2 Flood LED + 1x XML2 Spot LED + 2x XPE Red LED

● 140° wide, 30° narrow beam 

● Output 2400Lm + Spot 900Lm + Red 150Lm 

● Burn time: Flood 80min, Spot 200min, Red 350min 

● Anodized Aluminium body 

● Powered by 32650 Li-ion rechargeable battery 

● 100M depth tested 

● Push button switching

The V11 was delivered quickly. The plastic case in which the light is packaged is 

solid and well padded. Given that the V11 is a quite significant purchase it 

would be travelling with me as carryon baggage rather than checked baggage.

The construction of the case allayed any concerns I had about how the light 

would travel. I believe it would survive being packed in checked luggage.

The V11 was supplied with 2 batteries (I purchased and extra), lanyard, 

charger, 2 extra o-rings and instruction manual. The light is very well 

constructed and it has an excellent finish. The charger is not the same standard 

of manufacture as the light. However it works well and I have used it dozens of

times without problem. It should be noted that the battery will take many 

hours to fully charge. The battery is certainly sufficient for 1 dive and 

depending on usage a couple of dives. However I would recommend 

purchasing a second battery and charging one while using the other. This is 

particularly useful if you intend to us the V11 as a primary light on a night dive 

as you can be comfortable in the knowledge that on full charge it will be more 

than adequate for the dive. Once charged the battery is easy to seal into the 

light. The cap has a very positive feel when tightening and seats well. I have 

been careful to lubricate the o-rings on a regular basis when removing and 

charging the batteries. The V11 has been on 30 + dives down to a maximum of 

33 metres without problem.

The YS mount on the light fits securely to the tray arm. The light switch is 

positive and easy to use when submerged. Operation of the light is easy and it 

does not take long to become comfortable with the various lighting options 

available. The wide angle in the flood mode is a good match for the Intova 

HD2. I am on a steep learning curve with the camera and underwater 

photography in general. My initial V11 usage has been rather conservative with 

the camera being used largely for video. The light has been turned off when I 

am not using the camera so a one hour or two dive has not presented a 

problem. I believe that the V11 will be more than adequate for my purposes

now and in the future. The initial results have been positive and hopefully on 

my next trip I will see a marked improvement in the quality of my photos and 

video when I learn to optimise my camera settings and light positioning.

On night dives I generally do not bother with a camera. I have used the V11 on 

numerous dives as a primary light. In flood or spot modes it is an excellent light 

at night. If there are other divers around me with cameras I switch to the red 

light mode which provides ample light to cruise around the reefs and 

investigate the reef life without unduly upsetting the inhabitants (human and 

aquatic). The light has a good feel in my hand and with the lanyard attached it 

feels quite secure under water. My only concern was removing the lanyard and 

handing the V11 back to the crew on the tenders (I was concerned about 

hitting the light on the ladder). The light has a really good finish on it and can 

be a bit slick so I was worried that the crew might drop the V11 on hand over. 

It never happened but to minimise the risk I have purchased a pistol grip 

handle to attach to the V11 when I am using it as a primary dive light. The V11 

is a quite impressive light. Returning from a night dive on the tender one of the 

guides was using his torch to light up a patch of cliff on an island. It was really 

quite feeble. I picked up the V11, switched on flood mode and lit up the entire 

island. The look on the guides face was nearly worth the purchase price.

Other tips. The battery comes with an insulating patch. Keep the patch and use 

it on your spare battery. Place the spare in the charger and it will fit in the 

supplied case. The battery installed in the light can be carried in carry on or 

checked luggage. Suitably packed spare batteries can be carried in carry on 

luggage only. 

Dive flood lights are expensive pieces of kit. I am extremely happy with my 

purchase of the Hi-Max V11. If I continue on with my underwater photography 

I will consider purchasing another to pair with the current light. 

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